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Jane White
Jane White

suziblack studio.

Handwoven on my own loom

I am a weave designer, hand weaving ranges of scarves and cushions and also framed wall pieces and hangings. Colour has an important role in my designs. I play with colour and different weave techniques to create exciting effects, I like having the opportunity to combine colour and pattern. I make use of industrial surplus yarns, I also hand dye yarn.

As Alsager Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild secretary I produce a newsletter for each month's meeting to keep everyone informed. I have exhibited with Alsager WSD at Quarry Bank Mill and Little Moreton Hall. There is always a ‘have a go element’ to the exhibition which I have helped with. I have done dye and weave workshops with and for the guild. See -

Creating art textiles is important to me so I joined Ten Plus textiles in 2009 and have developed a range of framed works and hangings in the form of abstract panels that are colour-saturated, geometric artworks made for domestic, corporate and public spaces. The abstract panels highlight geometric qualities and are produced on a computer-aided loom. See

I open my studio each year with Cheshire Open Studios See -

Weaving was an option on the BA Contemporary Crafts course MMU Cheshire that I completed. I decided I enjoyed weaving and have been experimenting on the loom ever since.

I use a 24 shaft loom with a computer interface. It should be noted that the work of the computer interface is to remember the next weft pick for it does not create the design on the loom, I create the design and enter the fibre and colours where I want them. In other words, all of my handweaving is manual. I weave with natural fibres, particularly cotton.

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Jane White